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It's not an obsession. Its a lifestyle.
And it all started with a man, a mouse, and a dream.

"All dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them." -Walt Disney

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what if all of us just left our lives and met up at Disney World right now. how swaggin would that be??

we could even have signs with our url’s on them. and we’d all meet each other and ride rollercoasters together, watch all the shows together, and blog about our magical time together.

it would be pretty freakin cool.

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hercules is such a great movie and that’s the gospel truth.

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honesty hourrrrrrrrrr

Ask us anything (anon or not) and we’ll answer 100% honestly. Disney related or not, doesn’t matter :)

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what is this

we don’t bite……

come talk to us.

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if u were kewl, u wld vote 4 us in BOTW.

But seriously….

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we love you.

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Guys, go follow her. Wonderful Disney blog.

She’s one away from her goal… go go go.



anyone celebrating in disney world or disney land? 


i am bored out of my mind and i love you peeps, so you should message me.  please?


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